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Welcome to Blue Bird Meetings

We are here to help you collaborate and Fly with ease

Blue Bird Meetings is a Audio/Video Conferencing Application

Enjoy the new blue bird flying. Click Enter meeting in the home page or create a user by registering. Eitehr way its just as easy as 1,2,3. Click enter, click on Actions and generate link, send it to your particpants OR go to calendar and schedule a meeting.

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Business Video Conferencing

"Blue Bird Meetings" provides uninterrupted video conferencing to enterprises and individuals. The #FREE viersion is available to all. There is No Telephone support for FREE version but you could use our online chat service. Enteprises are more than welcome to contact 415-251-2404 for dedicated support

Deploy Blue Bird on-premise.

Deploy Blue Bird On-Premise for your own use. Call us for a no obligation discussion at 415-251-2404 :

Systems Integration

What would you like to do? Whether you would like to integrate it with your eLearning or integratw with your ERP system or any other downstream systems, we will help you seamlessly. has pre-built plugins that would seamlessly integrate with several downstream systems. For others we will custom build one for you. Call us for a no obligation discussion.

Our Streaming Servers

With multicast enabled streaming servers, theatrical based audio/video streaming becomes un-interrupted. Try once to see it in action. Our Videos have just about a negligible percentage of lag time. It will look like straming without delays. Try once. Opensource + Java + Our own innovation



High Quality Audio/Video Well Tested. Take a flight! Go on. Check it out!

Government Cloud And Applications Enablement

We understand the requirements government agencies and institutions have, to balance economy and agility with security, compliance, and reliability. Our staff members have provided solutions for government entities to be compliant, face challenges,need for cloud computing and have consistently helped our customers navigate procurement and policy issues related to adoption of various applications. We provide commercial applications and automation capabilities across all classification levels: Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret making it possible to execute mission critical systems with shared services tools, a constant flow of the latest technology, and the flexibility to rapidly scale with the mission. REGISTER FREE Now.

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Services is an online audio/video streaming site which is capabile of enabling poll based meetings wherein you will know from participants how good the meeting or presentation was. This kind of unified collaborations bring productivity and ply on efficieny of presentations or idea transfers. Join us. Other than just providing Audio/Video streaming, we provide integrated solution for document sharing for collaborations, two way sharing, sending quick meeting links to participants, creating very quick and rapid polls and distributing it automatically that appear on the attendees screen instantaneously, recording of your sessions and much much more. Fly with ease. Sign up now FREE and use unlimited meeting time

More than 8 hours of meeting time FREE

Hold as many meetings as you like within eight hours a day

Record your sessions

Record your sessions and distribute it to your audience or others. Download recordings.

Enterprises contact us

Enterpries contact us. Send email to or call us at 415-251-2404

Our Technology

We use Apache webservers, efficient tools and use high speed media streaming servers using well architected deployment models Read More


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Our Address

4200 Black Avenue, #1202, Pleasanton, CALIFORNIA, USA 94566

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